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My laptop completely shuts down if I move it around or pick it up.

by Cristi


I've been having this problem with my MSI CX620 mx laptop for about 2 months now and I really don't what to do about it.

It works perfectly fine but if I move it just an inch or pick it up and move it elsewhere it just shuts down.

I have tried cleaning it,testing the RAM,the hard drive, everything but I didn't solve anything.

It was never hit, or dropped or anything so...

Some guy at the local computer store told me I might have a short or crack on the motherboard but believe me I looked for it and haven't found anything.

Besides that,he said that it's going to cost me at least 50 euro just to open the laptop up and look inside it.

Can you please give me a hint or something because if the motherboard is really broken I want to just buy a new one and replace it myself;

I don't want to pay loads of money to someone just to remove some screws and a lid and just tell me I need a new motherboard.

Thank you.

Comments for My laptop completely shuts down if I move it around or pick it up.

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Feb 01, 2013
I have the same problem
by: Bibhor

I also have the same problem in my netbook. It shuts off when I tilt it forward and forward only regardless of the power source (battery or AC only).

Feb 15, 2012
Maybe due to battery
by: Anonymous

It maybe due to a loose battery.

Try this:

Take the battery out and start the laptop with charger plugged in and then see if its power cuts off.

Feb 03, 2012
even further problems...
by: Cristi

Ok.The problems I previously told you about didn't go away,moreover, the laptop is almost completely dead now.When I power it on, the sleep led and the scroll lock led stay on,but the screen is black.I can't find any possible explanation;I had it with me at college and it worked like a charm but when I got home it started doing this.I tried all the options : clear cmos,switch ram, reseat ram and cpu, take out optical drive, everything. Any ideas?

Thank you

Oct 11, 2011
Power loss when laptop is moved
by: Support

Hello Cristi,

The tech could be correct but you may want to look at the battery and power adapter connection to the power supply.

You didn't say if it was running on battery or if the power adapter was plugged in to the AC socket.

Have you had the battery out? Is it snug, tight, or lose when you remove it?

Snug is good, tight is not very good but acceptable, lose is not acceptable, this could be your problem.

Keep troubleshooting:

I would think that you have what is known as a 'cold solder joint' that is either the a solder joint in the power supply, on the motherboard in the power circuitry, or battery connection is either a bad solder job or the solder has a crack in it.

When the computer is moved something inside is flexing just enough to open the solder joint causing the power loss from the power supply to the motherboard.

You didn't say if it was battery only or adapter power or both.

Try this, on battery only put one hand on one corner and a couple of fingers up close to the screen on the opposite side, press down with your hand, does it shut down?

Try doing pressing on the other corner and opposite side by the screen, does it shut down?

This will tell you if you flex the motherboard that the cold solder joint is on the motherboard.

With the battery out and the AC adapter plugged in tilt the computer forward, lifting the back up, does it shut down?

Try lifting the front, does it shut down?

With the battery only try the tilt test front and back, does it shut down?

By flexing and tilting you will be moving any thing lose inside the computer.

If the flex and tilt test don't cause the computer to shut down then your next choice is if you want to open the computer to look for a cold solder joint.

When searching for a cold solder joint you would power the computer up and let it get warmed up then use what is called 'freeze spray' a canned coolant, and spray small areas of the power supply first, all connectors to the power supply, if there is a cold solder joint the computer will respond by powering down.

If this doesn't have any negative result then you would work your way around the motherboard until you find the cold solider joint.

This is a time consuming task but even with the cost of the freeze spray it would be a lot cheaper than guessing at a crack in the motherboard.

For opening your laptop check the manufactures web site in the support section for instructions.

For help with repairing a motherboard or cold solder joints see page 51 of the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! Manual

Hope this helps...

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