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Monitor screen goes black

by Brenda

My computer has been running fine until recently. After it loads from restart everything works normally for awhile. After a short while the screen goes black. The tower light is still on, and I can hear it running, but nothing on the screen. It will also not let me shut it off using the power button. I have to disconnect the power to shut it off. It restarts fine but all too soon the Brenda. I thought it was a monitor problem and replaced it. It didnt help. It still keeps going black! Please help!

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May 07, 2010
Monitor screen goes black
by: Janet G

My computer is doing the very same thing. Started a few days ago. Was thinking i needed a new monitor but after reading this i think my video device is the problem.
Thanks for the info.

Feb 25, 2009
Video shuts down
by: Supprot

Hello Brenda,

There are different reasons for the video to shutdown.

A) The Power settings for the monitor in the control panle are set too low, ie five or less minutes to blank the monitor.

B) The Power settings in the BIOS are set too low, ie five minutes or less.

C) The video card (embedded or card in a slot) may be over heating and shutting down or is failing.

For the Control Panel and BIOS setting I would suggest you check the BIOS settings first.

For the Control Panel settings I suggest you use the 'Safe Mode' (At startup press F8, then choose Safe Mode from the menu) to check these setting, if you are in 'Safe Mode' and the screen power settings are set too low will not come on.

If after checking the above settings and the are not too low then I would say the video device is failing and you are not seeing the warning messages because the monitor is not reciveing them.

Hope this helps...

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