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Mac vs Intel - Intel or Motorola?

Mac? MacIntosh? Apple? Why Intel over Motorola? Or even why Intel over MacIntel?

For one thing the leading edge of the computing world is Intel.

Almost every advance in processor design comes from Intel engineering.

Motorola has all but dropped research and development of personal computer processors. Why would anyone buy a computer manufactured by Apple when you can get the same quality at a substantially lower price by not buying a very proprietary computer.

The newer Mac computers run the same processor as any Intel system. The programs for a Mac OS are more expensive than Windows programs. Programs for the Mac OS are not as prevalent as they are for Windows.

Intel processor based systems add-on cards are easier to find and for the most part cheaper than Mac add-on cards.

The old adage that Mac's do Graphics and Sound better than Intel systems. Try to buy a Turtle Beach sound card for a Mac. Or a ATI 9600 Graphics card for a Mac. You can make your videos, mix your tunes, and paint your pictures at half the cost with an Intel system the quality will be the same as the Mac.

Mac vs Intel - Apple is moving out of the PC business in to tablets and phones.

The last Motorola processor that was produced is akin to the Intel Pentium 4, with the decline in Mac sales Motorola has decided to not produce any more 68000 series processors.

This is the reason for Apple to introduce the Mac with a Intel processor that will run the Mac OS called Mac OSx. This is the newest Mac OS in over five years. With the advance in technology a Operating System that is not updated periodically can not take advantage of these advances, even patching will not keep the OS up to date.

With some Intel based computer manufactures struggling to keep their doors open Mac has a bigger struggle. Their extreme proprietary computer may be doomed to failure, it may not happen today, tomorrow, or next year, but in the next few years Mac will be a dying breed.

This is just my opinion, but I have seen Mac's drop from the top of the heap down to next to nothing, Apple has a spurt now and then but eventually even the spurts will not keep the doors open at the factory.

02/14/14 Think that Apple is going strong? Compare a iPad to any other tablet, the cost is one and half times any other tablet and they all use the same Intel Atom N450 processor. Add to the fact that any application you need will cost twice what any other tablet costs and will do the same thing. I just don't understand why people pay for a name and not the actual product...

08/14/14 Is the cost of a brand name a consideration over quality? In other words would you upgrade from an iPad 2 to an iPad 3? My Daughter-in-Law has come to the realization after being an avid Apple user that the cost vs. quality of the Apple iPad was not worth the money and is opting for a Kindle because the iPad she has fails the latest upgrade for the OS and now is next to useless (over $400 to have an Apple tech fix it, and how long will that last?). Good job Apple, how many other avid fans have you lost?

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