Laptops - Care and Repair

Laptops - Care and Repair - like their counter part desktop they are not complex just need special attention sometimes...

Laptops - Care and Repair - Your laptop video giving you problems? Got a Hot! laptop? Power supply burned up? You can fix your laptop, can help!

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Laptops / Notebooks - Care and Repair for yours.

I only have owned few brands of notebooks. IBM, Compaq, HP, ASUS, and [yuck] ACRE . But in my career I have worked on many other brands. So most of my information and experience will be from the IBM and ASUS.

Each page will give some instructions on notebook computer repair and how to do a task, or information on the subject of the page. Most of the information will apply to all notebooks but in some cases it may be product specific, as a technician you do not always get to work on all makes and models. The company I worked for over the last ten years was an IBM and Dell shop as far as notebooks were concerned and the IBM ThinkPad was the computer of choice due to the warranty that IBM had for larger business.

Most of the information in this section will also apply to netbooks and a little bit to the new fad: Tablets [that is waning...]

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If you are wondering if your notebook will run Windows 7 then check the hardware requirements then look at the optimization articles of Windows7 section.

Laptops - Care and Repair, Maintain, Fix, Clean, or Upgrade

What is your notebook problem?

  • The battery will not last as long as it used to? With computers you can also use the smaller condensed "Check list" to accomplish a single repair task.
  • Does the keyboard have dead keys?
  • Your hard drive to small?
  • Want to increase the memory?
  • What about the processor?
  • Can you upgrade the cpu?
  • Can a notebook be overclocked?
  • Just how would you go about opening a notebook anyway?
  • How do you clean the video screen?

That and much more are in these page resources:

Facts and myths about your notebook battery.
Is your notebook battery new or old?
Notebook Battery Testing and Stress Tests
How to open it with out destroying it.
How to replace it correctly.
How to upgrade and how far you can go with an upgrade.
Upgrading an older notebook may be feasible and cost effective
Upgrade Your Notebook!
Upgrading Laptop Memory
Memory only upgrade
Why you should keep a current backup of your data.
Hard drives
Memory replacement?
Repair or Replace Memory
Replace your hard drive with a Solid State Drive in your notebook?
SSD Upgrade for your Notebook
Do you have all the correct drivers?
Keeping your notebook's processor fan and heat sink clean is a must!
Cleaning a Notebook 
What is the power supply and what is the adapter?
Power supplies
How to fix these important devices.
Touch pads / pointer / mouse
It is easier than you think.
Video screens Repairing
What materials you should not use.
Video screens Cleaning
Upgrading the memory and hard drive in a K50IJ
ASUS K50IJ Notebook Upgrade

You will be smiling to with the money you save by DIY!


Notebooks are neat aren't they? But sometimes they have problems and you can't find the correct answer! If you are having a problem and can't find the answer ask it and get anMy custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or? answer here for your Notebooks or Laptops  - Care and Repair!

Windows 7 hardware requirements.

Windows 7  optimization articles.

For the more experienced DIYer looking for notebook repairs see this page: Advanced Hardware Topics

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