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I Cant Enter my computers BIOS

by Heather

I Have an emachine T5224. The computer Displayed the BSD. The Error was that it could not find an operating system.I Restored All of Defaults in the BIOS. I also tried changing the boot order to the cd rom first to try to use the recovery cd.That didnt work thought it might be a hard drive issue. The hard drive was detected in the bios.I swapped out the IDE cable with the CD rom one but it didnt work either.Then the next time i tried to boot I could not enter the BIOS. So I took the CMOS battery out and kept it out for an hour and replaced it.The screen shows what keys to hit to enter set up but skips by it and goes to right to no bootable device detected.

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May 06, 2009
by: Support

Hello Heather,

When you removed the battery did you also disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet?

Newer power supplies have a software on/off switch and never really shut down, there is a circut supplies power to the motherboard even though it shuts down other devices the motherboard retains some power.

So you will have to go throught the remove the battery process again, with the ac power cord disconnected.

As for the start up sequence skiping past the cd, you have three seconds to press 'any key' when the boot from cd comes up, this pramater is built in to the BIOS and is not changable.

If you want the startup sequence to take longer then when you go back in to BIOS go to boot and move the hard drive to the last boot device and cd to first, there may be up to three other devices listed depending on the devices in your computer.

Other than being fast I can't advise on how to get the CD to boot, you have to press the any key to activate the CD.

Hope this helps...

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