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The DIY Computer Repair Manual Of Choice:
The Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition E-Book

  • Are you still wasting all your time searching for "repair solutions"?
  • Are you going to killing you computer with "guru" supplied solutions?
  • Are you about fed up with those "incomprehensible" articles by those so called "experts"?
  • Do you feel like it is a never ending battle to keep your computer "running"?

Your non-geek guide to do it yourself home computer repairs.


Because you need the fastest and cheapest computer repairs possible!

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This manual will enhance your home pc repairs knowledge and make you more efficient.The Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition Manual, comprehensive repair advice, one of a kind e-book...

  1. You will learn how to install new hardware, so you will have the confidence to upgrade your computer.

  2. You will discover how to install an Operating System, so you will be able to use any operating system you chose.

  3. You will find that doing periodic maintenance is easy, so your computer will last longer.

  4. You will learn to optimize your Operating System, so your computer will run faster.

  5. You will gain knowledge that not all parts are manufactured with quality, so you can save money when you buy replacement parts.

  6. You will learn how to recognize the different sounds produced by computer components, so you will not be replacing the wrong part.

  7. You will discover how to trouble shoot a computer failure, so you don't have to wait on a tech.

  8. You will be taught how to relate a failure to a repair, so you can repair the computer yourself (and not pay a tech).

  9. You will learn how to make an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD), so you can do your own diagnostics (and not pay a tech).

  10. You will find out why you need an ERD, so you can start a computer that the Operating System has failed (and not pay a tech).

  11. You will find a section devoted to creating a backup plan and use it, so you never lose any data again.

  12. You will find a section devoted to backing up your Operating System, so you never have to clean out a virus again.

  13. You will recoup the cost for this e-book with your first repair.

  14. You will discover real time and money savings, so you can use that time and money on more important things.

I understand your problems, also your hesitation to "buy" a product for your home computer repairs.

Therefore I have a 60 day money back guarantee if you do not use my diy computer repair manual to repair your own computer.

The time savings comes from not waiting for a repair tech and the cost savings from not paying for that time they actually work on your computer.

Who is it for? Everyone - beginner, novice, experienced, or pro DIY...

If  want professional do it yourself home pc repairs advice that is:

  • Translated home computer repair advice (into everyday English)
  • Expert computer problem troubleshooting (by a 25+ year tech with certifications)
  • Reliable (tried and proven solutions for your problems)
  • and guaranteed...

It is only in the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition E-Book ...

This is how I feel about this e-book:

"One of the it's biggest benefits is the saving of your time by excluding all the useless, bad and especially counter-productive information that is so widely available online."  Ken Evoy CEO sitesell.com

Read what other DIYers have to say about this do it yourself computer repair e-book here...

I could give you another two pages of why this is the only diy computer repair manual to be published in the last two and a half years, or three pages of what you can fix, or forty reasons why you should buy this diy computer repair manual over others (hint: most of the others are out of date).

Instead I ask you to review my diy computer repair e-book sample so you will know why this manual will help you.

I will say this:

If computers are a major factor in your life you cannot afford not to have this manual.

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Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition in PDF format...

You can stop googling or paying once you have this fine manual thousands of other DIYers use.

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Use Pay Pal's Secure payment system then download your copy.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose...

Did you know the US Gov is still pushing for an "internet sales tax"?
That would
add approximately $7 (10%) to the cost of this DIY Computer Repair manual... 

Monte Russell, author/owner of www.diy-computer-repair.com.Here's a message from the author, Monte Russell , about your guarantee:60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don't find this DIY Computer Repair Manual helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 60 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full."

Monte Russell

Most people prefer searching for their repair solutions that are free on the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all..

This E-Book does not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components.


Would you prefer a CD or Printed Copy of the
Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition
mailed to you or someone special?
Makes a fantastic Gift for your favorite DIYer ...

Both the do it yourself computer repairs CD and Hard Copy book
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alternate address.

Want to know more?

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition

There is only one tech that cares about your computer - YOU...

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