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The DIY Computer Repair Manual Of Choice:
The Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition E-Book

Your Computer Needs Repairs
 Do You...

Search for a tech at a reasonable price?
Search for a solution online for hours?

Imagine Your Home PC Repair Made Easy...


The European Union will adding a VAT for digital products of 10% to 20% for all EU countries stating 1 January 2015, that will add 7 to 15 USD to the cost of this fine e-book... Get yours before then!


Imagine Not Continuously Spending Money For Your PC Repairs...


Imagine Not Always Searching For Solutions For Your Computer Problems...


Clearly You Need A DIY Solution With Expert Instructions To Fix Almost Any Computer Failure!

Because it is proven there are two reasons to DIY: you need to save time and money.

You probably know that technology has made computers incredibly easy to use. Maybe you don't know that same technology has also made computer repair very easy for the average DIYer.

All you need to do hundreds of home computer repairs so you will

  • Save time,
  • Save money,
  • Get your computer repaired quickly the first time...

You need the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition e-Book

Because you will

  • Discover the secrets of computer repair techs.
  • Get an easy-to-use technical diy computer repair manual to guide you through all the repairs your computer will ever need.
  • Have all the tips and resources to make hundreds of needed repairs right at your fingertips.
  • Secure your computer's vulnerabilities from hackers and/or viruses. Discover the steps you need to take to do it.
  • Get over 440 pages of simple troubleshooting and fix-by-fix instructions, with over 300 illustrations.

Just one repair by a tech can cost $125.00 or more, but the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition  e-Book is only $67.00 for this entire technical manual so clear-cut that even a novice can follow!

This is a powerful tool that all DIYers should have...
 Not $125, Not $100!  Only $67.00!

This DIY Computer Repair Manual pays for itself with your very first home computer repair. Imagine how much money you will save over the life of your computer - hundreds, even thousands of dollars -

  • You will save time by not waiting for a repair person.

  • You will save the inconvenience of being without your computer when it is down.

  • You will save money over the cost of a pro repair, AND...

  • You will know that your computer was fixed correctly the first time.

Imagine the peace of mind knowing you have the power to -

  • Fix slow running computers.

  • Eliminate viruses quickly.

  • Solve random restarting problems.

  • Computer problem troubleshooting.

  • Correct hardware failures.

  • Make upgrades to your system.

  • Secure then hide your computer from hackers ...

... and more ...

Major corporations and medium sized business hire professionals or contract special services providers to do what I have put in this DIY Computer Repair Manual, you can have it all for the limited time offer price of just $67.00.

Because I appreciate your problems; also your hesitation to "buy" a product for your home computer repairs.

Think technical repair is beyond your reach? Think again. If you can read simple instructions or follow step-by-step illustrated directions you can repair your own computer. I know you can, and I guarantee it.

Repair your own computer, or your money back!

Just take a look at all the valuable maintenance and repair procedures you get in the first twelve chapters of the Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition  e-book:
  • Chapter One Safety - Computers can be easily damaged and injuries are always a possibility when repairing anything. Learn how to safely repair any computer while avoiding potential dangers.

  • Chapter Two Troubleshooting techniques - This chapter focuses on diagnostics and teaches you how to run down a problem that is not self-evident such as failed parts and Operating System glitches.

  • Chapter Three Repairing a computer - Now that you have properly identified the problem with your computer, follow step-by-step instructions for scores of fixes that range from easily removing and replacing failed hardware components to remedying Operating System errors.

  • Chapter Four Upgrading your computer- You will learn how to identify the things that can be upgraded economically and what to do after you have completed your upgrade. You will be given step-by-step instructions how to research the parts you will need to make the upgrade and an easy to follow guide to complete the job.

  • Chapter Five Laptops - You can quickly master the techniques to remove and replace components, open a laptop case, and upgrade the memory, processor and hard drive.

  • Chapter Six How To.. - This easy to understand chapter is devoted to teaching you how to become proficient at many different tasks and preventative maintenance (PM). Topics such as how to backup and restore data, how to back up your operating system, and how to make a bootable device for emergencies are tasks every computer user should know how to do.

  • Chapter Seven Computer Components - What exactly is in your computer? Techs know what components make a computer run, but do you? This is an excellent starting point for people with little or no computer knowledge or for those that need a refresher course.

  • Chapter Eight Operation of a Computer - Do you know why you have three types of memory (RAM) in your computer? Do you know where they are and why one type's failure will damage your data while the other will not?

  • Chapter Nine Operating Systems - Did you know DOS was making a comeback? Learn the quirks of older operating systems and a little history on how it all started.

  • Chapter Ten Advanced Computer Repair Techniques - We've made it easy for you to repair your computer, but if you need or want the 'honors' version, we guide you through the "down and dirty" parts of computer repair. Topics covered include registry editing and low level component repair.

  • Chapter Eleven Extreme Computing - Ever wanted to know why your computer can only go so fast? Ever listen to the geeks talk about "overclocking" and wondered what they were talking about? Here is the definitive chapter that will keep you from melting your computer if you get the "need for speed!" itch.

  • Chapter Twelve Virtual Computing - Virtual devices can save your physical devices from undue wear and tear. Did you know that until you print out that report or image that all computing is virtual? Learn how to use virtual devices such as cds, dvds, computers, hard drives and others to extend the life of your physical devices.

  • Definitions - Geekspeak terms such as DDR, CMOS, and RAS can be tough to decipher. Use our handy fourteen page glossary to identify these strange abbreviations and understand what they are trying to tell you about your computer.

  • Indexed
  • - Fully cross indexed, find your solution faster

  • Appendixes
  • - Two additional small publications for optimizing your Operating system.

After payment you have an instant ebooks download, begin repairing your computer immediately.

Everything you need to know to make hundreds of different kinds of repairs on your computer is in this comprehensive DIY Computer Repair Manual written in clear everyday English for non-techies!

There is no other DIY Computer Repair Manual  anywhere quite like Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition :

  • It is the only repair manual that speaks in plain, easy-to-understand non-geek language.
  • A search will show you that this is the only repair e-book to be published especially for you in the last two and a half years.
  • This diy computer repair manual covers hundreds of the most frequently needed repairs - not just one topic or one repair type.
  • It is the only e-Book that gives you the know-how and confidence to approach each type of repair successfully and without worry.
  • This Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition  e-book comes with a 60-day, money back guarantee.




Warning some Geek stuff here:

How do you fix this?

Discover what this error means, and how to fix it.

Which cable is the power cable? Find out in the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! Manual.

Identify SATA Drive cables and find out why they are different from IDE.

Hard drive that failed,yellow arrow shows burned ic.

Discover what happens when you reverse the power connector on a hard drive.

Do you know why one of these connectors is obsolete? Find out in the Self Computer Repair Unleased! Manual.

Do you know which connector is the newer power connector?

Learn about these subjects and more with over 300 illustrations and explanations in everyday English language to assist you with your repairs.

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition - 440 pages of expert advice at your finger tips...

View actual pages from e-book

How trusted is this DIY Computer Repair Manual?
  • Read the testimonials from satisfied customers who are saving money repairing their own computers.
  • Look at the recommendation by David Risley, web publisher and entrepreneur at www.pcmech.com
  • Read my bio. As a degreed computer engineer and Microsoft certified specialist, I know that most of my customers could have easily repaired their own computer with my expert guidance.

Because you can stop wasting your time and money
Get it now for just $67.00
Limited time offer.

Just imagine how you will feel with your very first home pc repair:

  • You'll experience the thrill of repairing your own computer correctly the first time.
  • You won't believe how much money you just saved - probably more than $100 for your first repair alone.
  • You've just freed yourself from being at the mercy of a computer repairman - no waiting, no uncertainty, no living without your computer for days or weeks!

Because you risk spending hours searching for a solution you will not understand or paying for a repair you do not need.

If computers are a major factor in your life you cannot
afford not to have this DIY Computer Repair Manual.

Only $67!

Click the Buy Now to download your translated copy of the
Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition in PDF format...

You can stop googling or paying once you have this fine manual thousands of other DIYers use.

PayPal small    This version of the Self Computer Repair UNLEASHED is a PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Use Pay Pal's Secure payment system then download your copy.

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Did you know the US Gov is still pushing for an "internet sales tax"?
That would
add approximately $7 (10%) to the cost of this DIY Computer Repair manual... 

Here's a message from the author, Monte Russell , about your guarantee:60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don't find this DIY Computer Repair Manual helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 60 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full."

Monte Russell

Most people prefer searching for their repair solutions that are free on the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all..

This DIY Computer Repair Manual does not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components.


Would you prefer a CD or Printed Copy of the
Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition
mailed to you or someone special?
Makes a fantastic Gift for your favorite DIYer ...

Both the do it yourself computer repairs CD and Hard Copy book
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alternate address.

Want to know more?

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition

There is only one tech that cares about your computer - YOU...

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